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Emmanuel Lagumbay is an audio designer currently based in Westminster, Colorado. He is the founder of The Summoners Orchestra, a group of talented musicians that have performed music from video games at various concerts, debuting at Summoners Con 2015. The Summoners Orchestra was featured by Riot Games and has performed at Gamacon in Mexicali, alongside CAPCOM Live’s ensemble.

His music and sound design have been featured in a variety of outlets such as theater, film, and video games. You can hear his work in the games, ‘VentureVerse’ (music, VO, sound design), ‘Magic Paint Pop’ (sound design), in the upcoming VR experience, ‘Wonderfall: A Tale of Two Realms’ (sound design), the upcoming game, ‘Bad Bots Rise’ (music and sound design)… as well as some currently unannounced titles!

He is a member of the Game Audio Network Guild, Materia Collective, and ASCAP. His passion for gaming and music has driven him to create the best possible art for others to enjoy.

In his spare time, he likes to watch eSports (CLG, CLG!), play with his cats, learn new instruments, and speak in third person.

Emmanuel Lagumbay
Featured speaker at:

GDC 2019
MAGFest/MAGWest (2018/2019)
California State University, Fullerton (2018)
GameSoundCon (2017, 2018, 2019)
SAE Santa Monica (2017)
PAX West (2016)
University of La Verne (2014-2016)